Finding quality general medical care in Raleigh NC can be exhausting and worrying. You aren’t just looking for a doctor, you’re looking for an office that really cares about your well-being while looking out for any health risks you may encounter. That’s why finding the right internal medicine doctor with an expert general medical care staff is imperative to your quality of life, happiness, and longevity.

Dr. Cara Davis, board certified in Internal Medicine, and the team of providers at Med One Medical Group, deliver exceptional care ranging from sick visits to comprehensive annual physicals. Utilizing the Patient-Centered Medical Home care delivery system, Dr. Davis, and the Med One medical care providers administer comprehensive health care and preventive medicine that’s based on your overall wellness, not just when you get sick.

General Medical Care Services in Raleigh

At Med One, we offer many services for a variety of illnesses while providing fundamental health functions with general medical care.

Annual Physical Exam

Your annual physical exam is an important part of your general medical care and of your overall wellness. No two annual physical exams may be exactly the same, but a good annual exam will assess your overall health and will catch risk factors to which you might be vulnerable.  If you are in the Raleigh NC are you can trust Med One Medical Group to take you through a complete annual physical exam.

Your medical history will likely be gone over to help your doctor discover any concerns about your health, lifestyle changes that could help you, and the status of your vaccinations. Like any exam, your vitals will likely be taken, heart and lung exams completed, and your general appearance will be examined for any indications of illness.

In addition to normal examinations that your general medical care offices will perform, they may also examine your throat and tonsils, your abdomen, your reflexes and balance, your skin, and your extremities. Your doctor might also perform examinations specific to your sex, such as prostate exams for men and breast or pelvic exams for women.

Additionally, your doctor might also have some laboratory tests or blood work completed to ensure that they have a full understanding of your current health. This is all in the effort to ensure prevention of illness through healthy living and to screen you for more serious illnesses.

Raleigh Clinic – Sick Visits

Being sick is no fun, especially when you have an illness that just won’t seem to go away or require a doctor’s note for work. As an experienced internal medicine doctor, we’re experienced and licensed to see you and treat you for a wide variety of ailments.

When you’re suffering from the aches and pains of an illness that just won’t seem to go away, new allergy symptoms, or need to see a doctor for a note for work due to illness, it’s time to visit our Raleigh based health clinic.

On-Site Laboratory Services

We at Med One Medical Group are pleased to provide on-site laboratory services as a part of our general medical care. Another part of our comprehensive approach to healthcare, our on-site laboratory facilities allow for all types of general blood analysis. We ensure that the process is convenient to our patients as they will not have to go to a different lab to receive testing or results, and because they are in-house, the results are accurate and timely.

Specialist Referrals

Operating as a Patient-Centered Medical Home, Med One aims to ensure that we give you a full-service experience with your health care, but in the event that you need care for an illness that we can’t provide we will refer you to a specialist in the Raleigh area. Our comprehensive approach to care means that your care is integrated with our system, and we help to coordinate with any secondary medical professionals and specialists that you will need to interact with.

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