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Allergy Testing!!

FLU? COLD? ALLERGIES??   RAGWEED SEASON IS HERE! If you are experiencing any of the allergy-related symptoms above, there is a good chance you are reacting to ragweed pollen. Like all allergies, ragweed allergy occurs when the body’s immune system vigorously responds to a foreign substance that is actually harmless- in this case, ragweed pollen. […]

Med One Health Fair August 12th!!

As you know, Med One is celebrating Patient Appreciation Week!  This year’s celebration is committed to health screening and health education.  We already have a ton of patients signed up to receive free diabetes and cholesterol screens during our office hours. You can also get free chiropractic and massage therapy evaluations!  These are absolutely free […]

Med One announces patient appreciation week August 11-15th!

Med  One is proud to announce Patient Appreciation Week August 11-15th at our new office location on Harp’s Mill Road in North Raleigh! As you may have noticed, Med One has been experiencing a lot of changes recently. We have optimized our location, offered numerous new services, updated our technological services, and updated our staff […]

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