Health and Wellness Classes Offered by Med One Medical Group

Med One is pleased to now offer health and wellness classes to the north Raleigh community.

The following classes are offered on a quarterly basis:

Nutritional Weight Loss Class

Learn the basics of proper nutrition and how to safely lower your body weight. You’ll be able to use what you learn in our class to get healthier and start feeling great.

Healthy Eating Class

Discover how to eat better for your health — it’s not all salads! You’ll learn more about how to eat for your body’s needs and how to make better food choices to help you feel better and live longer.

How to Exercise with Back Pain Class

Back pain shouldn’t keep you from staying fit and healthy. Learn how to safely exercise when you suffer from back pain without reinjuring yourself.


Our classes will be adjusted to fit the needs of those who attend to make sure that the problems you face with being healthy can be overcome.

For class dates, times, and location, or if you have any questions about the classes please contact Med One’s office at 919-850-1300.

If you’re interested in safely losing weight under the supervision of your primary care physician, read more about our medically supervised weight loss program.