It’s no secret that America is experiencing an obesity epidemic. According to the CDC, obesity currently affects nearly 40% of Americans or roughly 93 million.

Med One Medical Group has recognized how the local Raleigh community has struggled during this epidemic and now are happy to provide a weight loss clinic in Raleigh NC to help patients with lifelong weight management.

With the supervision of our on-staff physician assistant Emily Eustis and our on-staff nutritionist Kim Shackleford, we will help you begin to safely lose weight without drastic changes to your diet and monitored by your primary care professional.

Utilizing coaching, meal plans, and specialized measurement tools, we’ll help you on your road to a healthy body weight. With a special handheld scanner, we’ll accurately measure and keep track of your BMR (Basal Metabolic Rate), body fat percentage, muscle mass, and hydration levels, ensuring that your weight loss plan is optimized for your body at all times.

This program is covered by insurance, so there’s no reason to wait. Stop feeling ill and start feeling great through weight loss, medically supervised by Med One Medical Group. Contact us today to receive more information about our Raleigh weight loss clinic by calling 919-850-1300.

Do I Qualify for the Physician Assisted Weight Loss Program?

Obesity and being overweight are the conditions of a person’s body whose weight is higher than is considered healthy for their given height.

If your body weight for your height indicates that you are overweight or obese, you likely could benefit from Med One Medical Group’s physician assisted weight loss program. If you’re unsure if your body weight qualifies as obese or overweight, you simply need to calculate your BMI.

Your BMI, or Body Mass Index, is your weight in kilograms divided by the square of your height in meters. The CDC provides a helpful BMI calculator and chart if you’d prefer not to convert your measurements to metric.

The higher your BMI is, the more likely you are overweight or obese. To know if your BMI indicates that you’re overweight or obese, check the following ranges:

18.5 or lower — You are Underweight

18.5 to under 25 — You are a Normal Weight

25 to under 30 — You are Overweight

30 or higher — You are Obese

If your BMI is higher than 40, you are classified as Extremely or Severely Obese.

Why Should I Go To A Weight Loss Clinic?

Being overweight or obese has many risk factors that are life-threatening and can affect your quality of life, which can include but are not limited to diabetes, stroke, hypertension, depression, breathing problems, coronary heart disease, joint pain, and some cancers. Reducing your body weight can help you limit the chances of contracting one or more of these disorders.

In order for your weight loss to be effective, it needs to last. Many people can lose weight quickly but struggle long term with maintaining a healthy weight. Others struggle with adjusting their lifestyle to incorporate healthier foods and being active and ultimately fail with their weight loss altogether. Lastly, some struggle with eating disorders that cause them to try wild dieting fads that can make them lose weight in a way that is unhealthy for their body.

Any weight loss program you undertake should always be approved by your primary care physician to ensure that you aren’t putting your body under any strain that it can’t take. Our program ensures that your weight loss is monitored by a trained healthcare professional who will help you learn healthy eating and activity habits, help you change the patterns that led to weight gain or let you keep weight on, and help you to maintain a healthy weight, all while ensuring that your body doesn’t lose weight any faster than it can handle.

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