Allergy testing RaleighAllergy symptoms plague millions every year but for many people allergies and allergic reactions last year-round. Some reactions aren’t merely the nasal and sinus congestion that those who suffer from seasonal allergies receive, but can range from congestion to itchy, watery eyes to skin hives to difficulty breathing and dizziness. A visit to your Raleigh primary care physician’s office for an allergy test can help you know what you’re allergic to and be able to prevent or treat it.

What is Allergy Testing?

Allergy testing generally refers to allergy skin tests, which can help you and your doctor determine if you will or have been having allergic reactions to particular allergens. Allergens can be a variety of different things: pollen, pet dander, food, mold, venom, and dust mites are just a few allergens that can cause your body to react due to touching, inhaling, or ingesting them.

Allergy skin tests utilizing an array of common allergens and gently expose your skin to them to safely see if there’s a reaction. There are two types of skin allergy tests, the first and more common uses a small drop of allergen exposed to a very small prick on the skin of the forearm. The second type involves a very tiny injection of the allergen under the skin of the forearm.

On-site allergy testing is available at Med One Medical Group as the testing window is short: reactions to the allergens will show up within 20 minutes of the original exposure, although your arm may continue to show reactions for 48 to 72 hours after the procedure.

Should I Get Tested for Allergies?

If you are in Raleigh NC and you’re continuously suffering from allergy symptoms but over the counter relief options don’t seem to be working, or if your symptoms are severe but you don’t know what’s causing them, allergy testing could be right for you. Our on-site testing capabilities combined with comprehensive exams with our staff can help you discover the cause of your reactions and eliminate the source in your life.

Sometimes false positives can occur with allergy testing which is why that we recommend always pairing your allergy testing with a comprehensive exam and medical history with your primary care physician. This will help you eliminate the right allergen sources safely.

How Do I Prepare for Allergy Testing?

If you’ve made an appointment for allergy skin testing, do not take any antihistamines for at least three to seven days before the test – these will interfere with the results during the test. Confirm with your physician how long before the test they would prefer that you stop taking antihistamines – they can confirm what other medications you should or shouldn’t take leading up to the test. On the day of the test, remind them of the medications that you are taking during the medical history.

What Should I Expect During Allergy Testing?

The procedure takes roughly five to ten minutes to apply and roughly 15 to 20 for the results to become clear, so plan for at least an hour appointment. The application might be slightly painful due to the prick during the application process.

What Happens If I Find Out I’m Allergic to Something?

If your test shows that you’re allergic to a particular allergen, you and your primary care physician will plan how to eliminate it from your lifestyle, such as avoiding certain foods, HEPA filters, or switching to different fabrics, while also helping you manage your reactions.

Med One Medical Group is also pleased to offer immunotherapy treatments, also known as allergy shots, to help you potentially eradicate your allergy sensitivity altogether.

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